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Welcome to the redesigned changing room, you won't find FAQs here, just high quality color edits for Capcom vs SNK 2.
     By high quality i mean colors that stand out and seem "right". If you have color edits that you wish to share, just
email them to me or post them up on the board.

     i wanna thank shingotink for emailing me updated screenshots for some of the edits. Check out his webpage for more edits

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another long overdue update. wouldn't exactly call it an update though. just a facelift. should have more time to do it soon. its towards the end of the semester so that just means tons of homework and finals. ughhh!



another update! c'mon guys.. go to the msg board to tell me what to add to the page.


 just revamped the site a little so its easier to browse the color edits. no more back button! woohoo! oh yea and the poll is now on the "new" page.